God provides abundantly!

This Fall your Stewardship Team asks you to spend some time thinking about the abundance in your life. Each week we will post a reflection from the national church. On Sunday, November 6 we will celebrate Consecration Sunday when we gather together and pledge our gifts for the coming year to God's ministry and mission at St. Andrew's.


Blessings from your Stewardship Team 

Donna Barnum, Alana Hercules, Liza Holzinger, Dean Lowe (Chair) and The Rev. Lane Perdue

Dear Friends,

In this season of stewardship reflection, I am happy to report to you that over the past two years the Vestry and Junior Warden have been quite active in improving the state of our buildings and grounds at St. Andrew’s. In that span of time, we have completed the following major upgrades to our physical plant:

  1. Replacement of a failed flat roof over the Education and Office wing
  2. Repair of tile floor in the entrance hallway that was damaged by leaks in the old flat roof
  3. Replacement of the pitched asphalt roof over the Sanctuary which had reached the end of its life
  4. Resurfacing and painting of the bell tower
  5. Installation of new double doors near the pantry entrance, to replace original doors that had reached the end of their life
  6. Installation of a new basement door, to replace original door that had reached the end of its life
  7. Removal of three fatally diseased Austrian pine trees in the yard
  8. Replacement of the old water heater which failed on Christmas Eve

We have been blessed by God with sufficient capital funds to complete these vital and necessary projects. Contributions to the capital funds for these endeavors came from generous gifts from parishioners, payments from the Church Insurance Corporation, and a grant from the Episcopal “Long Name Society”.


Our next capital project, which will take place this fall, is the planting of a red American maple tree to replace the Austrian pine trees. May the new maple tree grow tall and straight and true, and be a reflection of our faith in God’s grace and goodness to us all.

Bob Tench, Junior Warden

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