From The Rev. Gerard Gaeta OblSB

God’s blessings hold and support you on your journeys these Easter days. It was a privilege for me to journey with you during the balance of the Holy Season of Lent, Holy Week and the beginnings of the Easter Season.


I was a bit surprised at how drained I was after the Easter Day liturgy. With that in mind, we need to remember all those who worked so very hard to prepare for each of the liturgies throughout the seasons. Particular thanks to Deacon Lane, the Acolytes, Readers, Intercessors, Ushers, to our talented

musician, the Altar Guild, Eddie Boskett (fire builder for the Vigil), and all others who labored so very hard. Forming a list like this always brings a risk that someone will be omitted. Please receive your omission not as a slight, but as the fault of a very tired mind who continues to recover!


Personally, it was a joy for me to be part of the planning as well as to preside. It was a memorable experience and a joyful affirmation to our faith as we journeyed through these Holy Days.


Looking to the months ahead, it is with considerable joy that I anticipate the continued labors engaged by so many toward the Calling of a Rector. Much of this work is ‘behind the scenes’ yet it is not ‘private’. Rather, each person involved is very aware that they labor faithfully on behalf of all members of this Congregation. 


More information will be coming as the various projects are prepared. In the meantime, it’s important that each of us continue to hold this labor of love in our daily prayers. God already knows who He chose for the position. The task now is to follow God’s will. Thus, prayers for clarity and faithfulness!


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